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The TeachSensor TS-HY is a monodimensional measuring system to determine the distance between the processing optic and the part.

The sensor is based on a triangulation sensor device. The measuring beam is applied to the laser beam route of the optic using mirrors. Because the measuring angle is the same as the laser beam angle angle measuring errors are avoided. The sensor can be set in such a way that optic focus and sensor focus were brought to alignment.


  • At first hand the Sensor is used as a simple programming aid.
  • Standard welding applications normally use a focused laser beam. The processing distance is determined by moving in beam direction until the focus spot is smallest. Doing this with the help of the pilot laser makes additional corrective devices necessary because the pilot light has a different wavelength than the processing laser. Applying this to every programmed point is error-prone and tedious. Using the TeachSensor the distance is easily accessible via Mercator-PC or the control panel.

  • The second field of application includes an automatic measuring system.
  • Together with the Mercator system it is possible to program a robot path fully automated based on a rough preprogrammed robot path. The sensor system detects deviations when running the program and generates a file of correctives for the specific robot system. The Mercator-PC displays the actual robot path and speed along with respective corrections. The correction file has to be loaded to the robot control for use.
    It is also possible to use the measurement just to detect variations due to clamping situations or part geometry shifts.

    Measuring range of sensor: ± 50mm. Zero position is aligned with the minimal focus distance of the BIO-Optic.
    That is:
    Measuring signal 10V = Optic is 50mm further from zero position
    Measuring signal 0V = Optic is 50mm closer to zero position

    You may align the zero position of the sensor with the desired processing distance of the optic by using the mercator software.

    Note: This sensor is especially designed for use with a HighYag Bio-Optic with protection glass slide-in. The sensor is mounted by exchanging it with that protection glass slide-in.

    Technical Data:

    • Sensibility in Beam Axis: ±0,2 mm
    • Linearity: <0.4%
    • Wavelength: 660 nm (red)
    • Laser Safety Class: 2
    • Power Supply: 18 … 30 V DC
    • Analog Output: 0 … 10 V
    • Power Consumption: < 60 mA
    • Protection Class: IP67
    • Output Signal: 0 … 10 V linear proportional to  ± 50 mm
    • Dimensions b x h x d: 115 mm x 120 mm x 110 mm
    • Wight: ~ 60 g

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